IMembership Fee / Piyknie Pytomy

The Polish Highlanders Association of Canada relies on the financial generosity of our community. Event ticket sales, raffles, auctions, sponsorship and our membership fees help us in promoting our mandate within Canada and abroad. 

If you are 1st generation or believe you are a descendant of Polish Highlanders, we want to hear from you. Join our celebrations, help us pass down the traditions, dialect, song and dance for generations to come. 

Our membership requires a Highlander be born in the territory of Polish Highlands such as: Tatry, Pieniny, Gorce, Beskidy, Góry Świętokrzyskie & Sudety. Also eligible are those born in Canada of Polish Highlander parents, or if either parent is a Polish Highlander.

Persons who are not from the Polish Highlands or related, may be admitted to the Polish Highlanders Association of Canada, provided they contributed to the Highlands were/decorated by the governing body of the Polish Highlanders Association of Canada, or are relatives of the Highlanders.

For more details regarding our membership fee contact us today!