Our History / Historia

The Polish Highlanders Association of Canada was established in 1978, and similar to the other chapters across the world it was founded by highlanders and their descendants, striving to stay in touch, celebrate, promote and preserve their unique ethnic culture.  

The Association was founded in 1978 and is one of  four chapters around the world (Poland, Canada, USA, Austria), and under each chapter are regional lodges or branches, for Canada (Calgary, Edmonton, Orangeville, Oshawa, Vancouver).

The first chapter; the Polish Highlanders Association of Poland, was founded in 1919, and represents branches in sub-regions of the Carpathian Mountains, Podhale is one of those regions. To view more chapters, click here.

40th Anniversary
40 lecie Zwiazku Podhalan w Kanadzie / 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Polish Highlanders Associating of Canada in 2018

Our Seal

The seal of the Polish Highlanders Association of Canada depicts the head of an eagle with a “zbojnicki” hat placed within the “Parzenica”, in the middle is the Canadian Emblem encircled by the name “The Polish Highlanders Association of Canada” and “Zwiazek Podhalan w Kanadzie”.

Our Partners/ Chapters / Partnerzy

Związek Podhalan w Polsce / The Polish Highlanders Association of Poland
Związek Podhalan w Ameryce Północnej / The Polish Highlanders Alliance of America
Związek Podhalan w Austrii / The Polish Highlanders Association of Austria  

Our Canadian Branches/ Oddziały

Związek Podhalan Oddział Calgary / Polish Highlanders Association of Calgary
Związek Podhalan Oddział Edmonton / Polish Highlanders Association of Edmonton
Związek Podhalan Oddział Mississauga / Polish Highlanders Association of Mississauga
Związek Podhalan Oddział Oshawa / Polish Highlanders Association of Oshawa
Związek Podhalan Oddział Orangeville / Polish Highlanders Association of Orangeville
Związek Podhalan Oddział Vancouver / Polish Highlanders Association of Vancouver
Związku Podhalan Oddział Cambridge / Polish Highlanders Association of Cambridge
Związku Podhalan Oddział Brampton / Polish Highlanders Association of Brampton