Canadian distribution of The Gorals Film (Ostatni Gorali)

Zwiazek Podhalan w Kanadzie is excited to share that Inbornmedia has appointed our President Agnieszka Zagorska as the new theatrical distributor of the film The Gorals (Ostatni Gorale) in Canada.

We hope the film will promote the culture of Polish Highlanders in this great country. The Gorals producer Maciej Pawelczyk

Promoting Polish highlander culture in Canada and abroad is our mandate and what better way to share our rich traditions then making this incredible documentary more accessible within Canada.

Maciej Pawelczyk, The Gorals producer, recently stated Our visit to Canada for the 10th edition of the Toronto Polish Film Festival will remain forever in our memory. Walking the red carpet with the accompaniment of a highlander band is an unforgettable experience! Also, you don’t forget a party at the home of the Vice-President of the Polish Highlanders Association of Canada – Jan Plewa, where we feasted and sang highlander songs. The film aroused emotions we didn’t expect.”

For more info or questions about the film, please visit our Contact Us page.

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