Andrzejki Goralskie

On Saturday November 24th the Polish Highlanders Association of Canada celebrated one of our most anticipated events of the year, our annual Goralskie Andrzejki banquet at the Anapilis Hall in Mississauga hosted by our president AgnieszkaIMG_2020 Zagorska and The Polish Highlanders Association of Canada. As always we were honoured to have Major of Mississauga Bonnie Crombie as well as our vice-chaplain, father Jan Burczyk attend the festivities. The event is one of the associations largest, sells out quickly and is highly anticipated by over 600 guests each year. It’s popularity has continued to grow and appeal to young and old generations.

The evening included performances by our folk group Harnasie, as well as the children’s group Mali Harnasie. Guests enjoyed delicious Polish cuisine, as well as traditional highlander soup called Kwasnica thanks to our vice-president Jan Plewa who is no stranger in the kitchen.  Guests finished the night off with our always popular raffle and then danced well into the night thanks to the band IMPRES.

Like with all Polish celebrations, there is a feast, and it works exactly the same as any other feast in Poland: there is loads of food and drinks (and more). Because this is the last day before lent (Christmas lent, not the Easter one!), people eat and drink as much as they can.

In Poland, like in many other countries, we celebrate St. Andrew’s Day. It does have a slightly different meaning to us, as it took on a part of ancient Polish traditions and customs. The origin of Adrzejki, which is what we call it, is pagan but we applied a Catholic name to be more acceptable for Catholic society. For newcomers, this occasion is a great opportunity to experience ancient Polish customs and to fill up with good food and drinks.

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