Annual Winter Gathering with Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce

Delegates from Zwiazek Podhalan w Kanadzie were recently invited to the Annual Winter Gathering hosted by the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto Mr Krzysztof Grzelczyk & President of Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce Mr Wojciech Śniegowski. The evenings special guests included Stephanie Dei, National Coordinator – Canada UN Women, and Member of Provincial Parliament Kinga Surma.

The evening is a strong reminder about the importance of international dialogue and friendships when promoting and growing causes or business. Our delegates were on hand to share the mandate of the Polish Highlanders Association of Canada and engage in dialogue with visitors from Poland, local business owners, politicians as well as delegates from other consuls within Toronto.

The evenings dinner buffet was delicious as always, and included some smalec which is a traditional salty pork spread!

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Photo: Fotografia Boutique, Zwiazek Podhala w Kanadzie

Media Coverage: Super Express Chicago/Kroniki Podhalanskie

Agnieszka Zagorska, Alicia Galarza, Anna Bartula, Ania Smith.

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